Tree Planting & Installation

After delivery, proper tree planting and installation is imperative to the growth and survival of your new trees. Our trained professionals complete important steps necessary to help your tree get the best start possible, ensuring that your new trees live a long and healthy life. We will also help you understand essential watering schedules needed during the first few months after your tree is planted. Find out about our Balled and Burlapped Tree Process.

Tree Planting Steps

  • Pick the right time of year - Fall is the best time of the year to plant a new tree.
  • Pick the right type of tree for the climate and location.
  • Never plant too close to other trees or a structure.
  • Make sure you are obeying the city laws and get permits to dig deep if necessary.
  • Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball, and twice as deep as the root ball's height.
  • Place tree in hole, filling in extra space with soil and topping with mulch.
  • Place support sticks along sides for small saplings.

For more info, check out TAMU's Planting Trees Around The House Guide

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