Field Grown Tree Farm in Mexia, Texas

Come visit the Texas Grown Tree Farm in Mexia, TX. Serving Texas since 1988, we offer field grown and container grown native Texas trees for sale to wholesale and retail clients. We have many of the native Texas tree species, including 5-10 year old Live Oak Trees, Red Oak Trees, Monterrey Oak Trees, Big Tooth Maple Trees, and more. Tag your favorite trees at our 150 acre tree farm, where our goal is to produce the best quality trees possible. Whether you are a landscape contractor, developer, or just need trees for your home and yard, let us take you on a tour of our tree farm and help you select the best trees for your needs. We also can take care of the tree delivery and planting of your new trees.


Come visit our field grown tree farm and tag your trees! Our Wholesale & Retail Tree Farm has over 150 acres of 5-10 year old in ground trees for you to choose from.
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After you tag your trees, we offer tree delivery to your home or business. Balled and Burlapped, tossed on our trucks and delivered usually in less than a week.
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Upon delivering your tree, our trained professionals will take the steps needed to make sure your new trees are properly planted so they will have the best chance of survival.
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Contact us to learn more about our tree farm, delivery and install services, or schedule a visit to come check out our tree farm in Mexia, TX and pick out your new trees.
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Grass Sod for Sale

The Texas Grown Tree Farm has more than just trees... We also offer pallets of the most popular Texas grass sod types, meticulously grown grass sod, delivered and installed at your home or business. We carry St. Augustine, Tiff Bermuda, Celebration, Palisades, and Palmetto. Let us take care of your grass sod delivery and grass sod installation as well.
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